My wife made up a color matching game which our 3yo loved.

Our 22mo girl started playing and put things wherever. My wife said, “Good job! You’re doing it.”

The 3yo got right up in her face. “No. You are not doing well.”

Then she got mad and trashed the game.


What a fun game! I love that a block by Gobert won it. Go Jazz! 🏀

📖 🎧 Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy

By Austin Kleon

📖 Shadow of the Hegemon

By Orson Scott Card

📖 Ender’s Shadow

By Orson Scott Card

📖 🎧 The War of Art

By Steven Pressfield

📖 🎧 The Dichotomy of Leadership

By Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

📖 First Meetings: In the Enderverse

By Orson Scott Card

📖 A World Without Email

By Cal Newport

📖 James Herriot’s Dog Stories

By James Herriot

📖 🎧 Extreme Ownership

By Jocko Wilinks and Leif Babin

📚 The Tuttle Twins (all)

By Connor Boyack

Leather menu covers

My wife and I had lunch today at Maria Bonita, a delightful Mexican restaurant in a strip mall. We were on the way home from my therapy appointment and stopped to eat and chat. The food was great, but that wasn’t my favorite part. The ambiance was charming and welcoming, but that wasn’t my favorite either. I loved the menu. With all my heart. More precisely, I loved the menu covers.

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Holding fewer meetings

People at my work know that I am not a fan of meetings. I put together a presentation about communication principles and how we could have fewer meetings and be more productive. Essentially, less of this: And more of this: We need to move away from group gatherings that often waste many people’s time, and embrace individual conversations and relationships. I loved this article from Cal Newport: Combating zoom overload with reverse meetings.

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📖 Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

By James Luceno

Looking for distraction

I have taken off my phone most of the apps that are endless scrolling, mind-numbing distraction apps. However, I still find myself getting out my phone and looking for distraction. This time, when I caught myself, I decided I would write something instead. This is still a distraction of a sort, but a productive one. I always feel better after creating something, and often feel empty after mindlessly consuming. It won’t always work to do a judo move on my brain and convert the distraction-seeking energy into motivation to produce, but I’m glad it did this time.

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