Holding fewer meetings

People at my work know that I am not a fan of meetings. I put together a presentation about communication principles and how we could have fewer meetings and be more productive. Essentially, less of this: And more of this: We need to move away from group gatherings that often waste many people’s time, and embrace individual conversations and relationships. I loved this article from Cal Newport: Combating zoom overload with reverse meetings.

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📖 Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

By James Luceno

Looking for distraction

I have taken off my phone most of the apps that are endless scrolling, mind-numbing distraction apps. However, I still find myself getting out my phone and looking for distraction. This time, when I caught myself, I decided I would write something instead. This is still a distraction of a sort, but a productive one. I always feel better after creating something, and often feel empty after mindlessly consuming. It won’t always work to do a judo move on my brain and convert the distraction-seeking energy into motivation to produce, but I’m glad it did this time.

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7yo: “The best tasting foods in the world are pizza, and watermelon, and broccoli. I love broccoli. Oh, and, um, shrimp. I really love shrimp.”

One of the most helpful things I have been doing lately is to try to start the day with some unstructured writing in an actual notebook with an actual pen.

Here’s an interesting challenge: Teaching sketchnotes outside

I have been asked to give a couple talks at a homeschooling conference about sketchnotes—one to young adults, and one to adults.

But there is a wrinkle.

My first post using HEY World: New things

The advent of HEY World has made me think again about everything I do and own online.

📖 Star Wars: Choices of One

By Timothy Zahn

📖 🎧 Leadership and Self-Deception

By The Arbinger Institute